Knowledge Centre

Who to Ask Questions?

Ans. If you have other questions please feel free to stop at reception centre.They will be able to answer your question or find you someone who can.,if you have a question late at night, someone will always be able to help you. You may call the hospital’s enquiry operator at 0120 4128589


After booking for operation, can I make cancellation?

Ans. Yes, kindly get the authority letter from your consultant / surgeon medical fitness who is the only authority to cancel the operation. For this procedure contact the Admission’s counter.


What is a mode of payment?

Ans. Patients can deposit the payment by cash/Demand draft / Credit cards like MASTERCARD / VISA cards or American Express Card or by local cheques only on special request.


Is my mediclaim policy accepted at your hospital?

Ans. Yes, you have to approach your agent or call the third party and tell them to send the authorization letter through agent or directly contact with the TPA you can avail this facility under their limitation.


Do you provide ambulance services?

Ans. Yes we do. Please contact the ambulance care on 9818766642 round the clock.


What are the procedures for Discharge?

Ans. The consultants will make entry of discharge in the Patient’s folder containing the relevant papers and vouchers for the billing department. The final bill is ready after the deposit is taken into account. When the final bill is received payment has to be made at payment counter.


What is the procedure for refund?

Ans. Documents required for Deposit refund-

  • Final Bill (original)
  • Receipts of all payments
  • Pass cancellation receipt.


What are the rules for transferring the patient to lower class or higher class?

Ans. Transfer to lower class will be considered after fifteen days. Transfer to higher class will mean to consider all higher-class charges from the day of admission.


How do I get summary report/Discharge Card?

Ans. Your discharge summary report will be given to you by the reception staff before being discharged.


Can we buy medicines or consumable from outside?

Ans. All the medicines are provided by the Hospital Drug pharmacy. Medicines and Consumables are not allowed from outside.